Clyde Thomas | Beach Volleyball on Clifton and Camps Bay
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Beach Volleyball on Clifton and Camps Bay

Beach Volleyball Cape Town Video

Beach Volleyball on Clifton and Camps Bay

Pass. Set. Spike! There is nothing like a good game of volleyball on the beach with friends as the sun goes down. Cape Town has an epic volleyball community who are passionate about playing, and may just be a little distracted from work judging by the frequent games being played during summer.

From the end of November the Saturday tournaments start either on Clifton or Camps Bay and run all morning through to the beginning of March.

Check out this little video I shot of one of the tournaments on Clifton.

The best way to join in is to head down to Beach Bums volleyball and get in touch with Jerome, either through the website or the Facebook page.

Hopefully see you on the beach soon.


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