Clyde Thomas | Cape Town 10s Volleyball Tournament
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Cape Town 10s Volleyball Tournament

Zandos Cape Town 10s cover

Cape Town 10s Volleyball Tournament

The Cape Town 10s tournament has grown from a raucous beer infused rugby fest into an epic multi sport festival celebration where lots of beer is drunk. The new format of the 10s tournament invites teams from around South Africa to come and enjoy a team sporting weekend in Cape Town that promotes fantastic team spirit, dressing up, mingling with different sports and celebrating each other in the beer tent and on the dance floor.

The 10s tournament now features rugby, field hockey, netball, dodgeball, crossfire and volleyball. Teams of guys and girls dressed up in their colorful team uniforms wonder the fields having fun and celebrating the sports they love.

Cape Town Tens Teams

This years festival hosted a fantastic volleyball tournament on two man made beach volleyball courts at the Hamilton Rugby Club in Green Point in Cape Town. There were three categories, 5 a-side, 2 a-side pros and 2 a-side social with both a male and a female tournament held in the 2 a-side tournaments and the 5 a-side tournament was a mixed competition.

The social tournament was so popular that some of the game had to be held on Clifton 4th beach in order to get through all the games in the two day time period.

Watch the highlights video to enjoy some of the action.

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